Press Release (July 1, 2013)

Pedal Stop To Make Its Debut At Summer NAMM 2013

Since the invention of the electronic keyboard, musicians around the world have all struggled with one singular problem, the shifting of the sustain pedal during performances. However, a new and innovative keyboard accessory, the Pedal Stop, works to stop the sustain pedal from shifting around on the floor, allowing the musician to play with confidence, knowing that the pedal is right where they left it!

The Pedal Stop is an electronic keyboard accessory that attaches discreetly to the base of any performer's keyboard stand, securing the foot pedal, keeping it in place for the duration of the playing session.

This is a patented product that is made of carbon steel, so that its strong and durable. Its small enough to fit into any gig bag, and it adjusts to several different configurations to accommodate a sitting or standing musician.

In addition to the flagship product described above, the Pedal Stop family of products is actually comprised of a total of three items, which combined, can accommodate most all of the popular brands of keyboard stands on the market today.

Since the filing of our patent in 2010, we have been hard at work developing the Pedal Stop, and we are excited that it will be launching this summer, making its debut at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN.

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